Tyler Lewis



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Student, Radio Host




Sally Lewis (mother)


Sophie (crush, former)


Jody Jackson, Rick Barber, Carmen Howle, Tee Taylor, Johnny Taylor, Kitty, Liam Donovan, Mo Michaels, Alex Walker, Frank Matthews, Harry Jones, Faith Davis, Ryan Reeves


Ms Bloomfield


Mike Milligan, May Li Wang, Gina Conway (former), Tracy Beaker (former), Dennis Stockle (former)


Rick (former), Mo (briefly)
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Ashdene Ridge, Elm Tree House (former), Burnywood (former), Lewis House (former)


Magic, Pranks, Jokes
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Central Episodes:

Visitors, Shadows, Seriously Funny, Holding On, It's Not About The Money, The Goodbye Girl, Risky Business, Getting To Know You, Sittin' In A Tree, Vox Populi, The Phantom of Ashdene Ridge, Dumping Ground Island


Tracy Beaker Returns

(S3) The Dumping Ground (S1, S2, S3, S4, S5) The Tracy Beaker Survival Files The Dumping Ground Survival Files The Dumping Ground I'm...



First appearance:

Drained (referenced)

The Visitors

Portrayed By:

Miles Butler Houghton

Tyler Lewis is a main character from Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground. He made his first appearance in The Visitors after being mentioned in Tracy Beaker Returns (Series 2). He is portrayed by Miles Butler Houghton


Tyler originally lived with his mother (Sally Lewis) but was taken from her care when he was young due to her mental health issues. It's unclear what age this was exactly but it seems that afterwards, he only received one birthday card from her. It's unclear the amount of foster homes/children's homes  Tyler has been at but at some point during his adolesence he arrived at Burnywood where he lived alongside Rick, Lizanne and Kitty.

During this time, when Elm Tree House was briefly closed, Tyler made an enemy of Carmen when she was placed in Burnywood alongside Sapphire after stealing her things. It was later revealed that this had been a prank.

After Lizanne accidentally started a fire at Burnywood, Tyler alongside the others, was transferred to Elm Tree House.

Tracy Beaker ReturnsEdit

Series 2Edit

Tyler was breifly referenced in Series 2 (not by name) when Carmen returned from Burnywood claiming that someone had stolen all of her things. This was later revealed to be Tyler.

Series 3Edit

Tyler arrived at the Dumping Ground alongside the others from Burnywood due to the fire. He quickly became the focus of Carmen's rage when she spotted it was him. This provoked her to blame him when Lizanne used her shampoo and attempt to get her own back on him. Whilst trying to prank people, Liam and Frank gave Tyler some tips about putting washing up liquid in the toilet. However, when Elektra went to use it, Liam and Frank let Tyler take all the blame. Mad at Tyler as well, Elektra teamed up with Carmen and convinced her to set fire to Tyler (and Rick's) things, which ended up going up in fireworks. Tyler got revenge on Carmen by putting glue in her shampoo.

Later, Carmen went to see an upset Tyler and consoled him about his only birthday card from his Mum being ruined. Thereby ending her feud with him.

In Episode 3 Tyler, the only remaining Burnywood resident, found himself at loggerheads again, this time with Johnny. After messing about with a puppet and scaring Johnny, Tyler told a scary story about the Electrician, something which later came back to haunt him when someone started playing pranks and left a note saying 'Beware the Electrician!'. After everyone was warned by Tracy about messing around, Johnny convinced Tyler to meet him in the bathroom in order to set him up for it but Harry saw him first and Johnny was caught. The next day Tyler and Johnny found footprints in the house and realized that the escaped prisoner has been in the house. However Tyler lied and said it was him in order to protect Johnny and make Carmen feel at ease.