Tracy Beaker Returns
Series Run 2010-2012
Season(s) 3
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"The Story of Tracy Beaker"
"The Tracy Beaker Survival Files"

Tracy Beaker Returns is a British television programme. Based upon the novels by Jacqueline Wilson, it is the spin-off series to The Story of Tracy Beaker. The series stars Dani Harmer as protagonist Tracy Beaker. The third and final series ended on 23 March 2012. A spin-off entitled The Dumping Ground started airing on 4 January 2013.


When Author Tracy Beaker is arrested for using her Foster Mother, Cam's credit card to publish her autobiography, Tracy seeks refuge at the Dumping Ground, a care home where she used to live as a child. She meets the children who are intrigued by her and her story. Wanting to pay Cam back, Tracy asks Mike for a job. As Mike is short-staffed, he agrees to hire her as an assistant care worker since she knows so much about life in care. Tracy then uses her background as a former child in care to become fully involved in the lives of those of whom she is now in charge. She is usually involved with the trouble which follows from the children's actions. She is loved by most kids in their care, Although at first disliked by Elektra Perkins and Sapphire Fox.

Series OverviewEdit

Series Episodes Originally aired Average viewers

(in millions)

First aired Last aired
1 13 8 January 2010 26 March 2010 0.54
2 13 7 January 2011 25 March 2011 0.51
3 13 6 January 2012 23 March 2011 0.71

Development and productionEdit

In March 2009, the BBC announced the new 13-part series under the working title Beaker's Back!. The series was filmed in the old La Sagesse school in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne in the summer of 2009, and directed by Neasa Hardiman, Craig Lines and Michael Davies.

In February 2010, it was announced that Tracy Beaker Returns would be renewed for a second series to air in 2011. Filming took place throughout summer and autumn of 2010 and premiered on 7 January 2011.

It was announced on 12 March 2011 that a third series has been commissioned to be filmed entirely in the North East. The third series later premiered on 6 January 2012.

A spin-off series has been commissioned by the CBBC, titled The Dumping Ground and started airing on 4 January 2013.

The Dumping Ground is now in its fifth season. Although many Tracy Beaker Returns' characters have gone - with just Tyler, Jody and Mike left in the DG - it is still incredibly popular.

Awards and nominationsEdit

It won Children's BAFTA on 28 November 2010 for best drama. On the same night, Dani Harmer and Richard Wisker received nominations in the performer category. It also won a Royal Television Award in 2011, in the Children's Drama Category.

Ceremony Award Nominee Result
2010 Children's BAFTA Awards]BAFTA Kids' Vote TelevisionTracy Beaker ReturnsNOMINATED
2010 Children's BAFTA AwardsChildren's DramaTracy Beaker ReturnsWON
2010 Children's BAFTA AwardsChildren's PerformerDani HarmerNOMINATED
2010 Children's BAFTA AwardsChildren's PerformerRichard WiskerNOMINATED
2011 Children's BAFTA AwardsBAFTA Kids' Vote TelevisionTracy Beaker ReturnsNOMINATED
2011 Royal Television AwardsChildren's DramaTracy Beaker ReturnsWON
2012 Children's BAFTA AwardsBAFTA Kids' Vote TelevisionTracy Beaker ReturnsNOMINATED
2012 Children's BAFTA AwardsChildren's DramaTracy Beaker ReturnsNOMINATED
2012 Children's BAFTA AwardsChildren's WriterElly BrewerNOMINATED