Elm Tree House was a children's care home and the main location for Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground (Series 1).

A different location of the same name was also used for The Story of Tracy Beaker (Series 5). That page can be found here!


Residents Status
Carmen Howle Former
Faith Davis Former
Floss Guppy Former
Frank Matthews Former
Harry Jones Former
Jody Jackson Former
Johnny Taylor Former
Lily Kettle Former
Mo Michaels Former
Tee Taylor Former
Tyler Lewis Former
Elektra Perkins Former, Aged Out
Gus Carmichael Former, Fostered
Sapphire Fox Former, Aged Out
Liam O'Donovan Former, Left
Kitty Breifly
Lizanne Breifly
Toby Coleman Former, Fostered
Rosie Kettle Former, Adopted
Poppy Kettle Former, Adopted

Faculty and StaffEdit


Mike Milligan Head Careworker
Gina Conway Care Worker
Tracy Beaker Care Worker
Seth Social Worker
Rob Social Worker

Behind the ScenesEdit


  • Despite Tracy saying she used to live there, This house and the Elm Tree from TSOTB are completely different.
  • The location had to be changed for The Dumping Ground (Series 2) due to the original location being knocked down.